Frequently Asked Questions

It includes:
  • Two Speakers
  • One Sub-woofer
  • Corded Microphone
  • Wireless Microphone for one location only

We utilize Bose L1 speakers with Shure wireless technology, allowing us to be in two places at once. There is no configuration that we can’t handle.

We have never missed a gig due to illness, or for any other reason; however, if something were to happen we have access to a wide network of DJ’s who can easily fill in if needed. Our detailed event preparation documentation would allow for a smooth transition in the event of a last minute issue.

Our speakers are replaced every three years which allows us to rely on maintaining excellent sound quality at each of our events. If our operating systems crash then we quickly switch to iPods that we pre-load with all of our client’s requests, among other popular selections.

First and foremost, we play what our clients ask of us. Otherwise, we focus on popular music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and today. We specialize in 60’s/Oldies/Motown, 70’s/Funk/R&B/Soul, 80’s/90’s, Hip Hop/R&B, Pop/Top 40, and Dance/EDM; however, we are comfortable with any genre our clients desire. In general, we strive to play to everyone’s taste by constantly surveying the crowd and making adjustments as necessary. We do take requests, as long as they are in line with our client’s expectations. Please feel free to listen to some demos from previous events on the Adam Smith Music Services Mixcloud.
We encourage it. We generally stay away from Country and most of the older line dances such as The Chicken Dance, The Cha Cha slide, YMCA, etc.. Of course, if you would like us to play that type of music we are happy to.
Contact Adam Smith any time at 703.472.3825 or